About VenusFort

VenusFort is a shopping mall designed to resemble a medieval European village. The Sky Feature Program displays a fantastical sky expanding overhead, creating a magical atmosphere where time flows unlike anything in the outside world. December 2009 saw the opening of the first outlet floor in Tokyo’s 23wards, transforming VenusFort into a "hybrid shopping mall."

New Logo


The color schemes for the “3 level floor plan”
in the new logo represent the differing
atmospheres and character of each floor.

3rd floor = blue for the sky
2nd floor = pink for the traditional VenusFort
1st floor = green for the earth

Floor Composition


This floor marks the birth of the first metropolitan style outlet in Tokyo's 23wards.
It collects approximately 50 stores focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Outlet shops with cutting edge brands extremely popular among young people in the Shibuya and Harajuku area are especially abundant.


2F Venus GRAND

This is an enhanced trend-source floor bursting with the best in the latest fashion trends and an increased selection in popular items like cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories Shops like BURBERRY BLUE LABEL, which is popular among adults, and musée de peau, which collects select made-in-Japan cosmetics like Shiseido, are garnering the spotlight.



The first floor has collected a rich variety of incredibly popular categories like kid's, pets, and lifestyle for the entire family to enjoy. The high-volume home electronics dealer LAOX, which opened its VenusFort branch in April of this year, stocks digital cameras and wristwatches from popular brands like Seiko and Casio.

Venus Features

Global serviceGlobal service

Global service

In addition to always keeping English speaking staff on duty, VenusFort provides an abundance of services to make shopping pleasant for visitors to Japan, like including tax-free stores (50 stores) and accepting China UnionPay Cards at all shops in the mall (except wagon stands).

15 minutes from Haneda Airport

15 minutes from Haneda Airport

A bus going directly to VenusFort leaves from bus stop #14 at Haneda Airport. Going by bus makes traveling a cinch even with luggage in tow. The travel time is a mere 15 minutes by bus, so you can enjoy shopping and gourmet cuisine right away.

Wi2 300 High Speed Internet

Wi2 300 High Speed Internet

In VenusFort, three-hour free Wi2 300 Guest Service starts on August 15th, 2011. You will be able to enjoy it with almost every handheld Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) enabled device including smart phones.

Famous spots and mall facilities

Famous spots and mall facilities

VenusFort has numerous places to enjoy while out shopping like the Church Plaza and the Fountain Plaza. The mall also provides facilities like coin lockers, ATMs, and nursing rooms for worry-free convenience when shopping with babies.

Giant Sky Wheel in palette town

Local information
Giant Sky Wheel in palette town

It’s a landmark in Odaiba, which boasts 100meters in diameter rising 115meters from the ground. You can enjoy the splendid view of 2 towers and 2 bridges: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bride. 16minuites ride in the twilight would be very romantic.