What hours are you open?

Business hours will be changed as below during the following period to prevent new coronavirus infections.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

VenusFort Website (Japanese)


Where are the highlight spots?
A reproduction of the "Mouth of Truth," which was officially recognized by "Lover's Sanctuary," is on display right inside the 2nd floor entrance. Also, the Fountain Plaza and the Church Plaza are popular as photographic spots.


Is the entire mall an outlet?
No. The outlet area consists of all stores on the third floor.
What kind of brands do you have in the outlet area?
We feature brands like Marni, Levi's OUTLET, and CITIZEN OUTLET.


Do you sell cosmetics that are made in Japan?
Made in Japan cosmetics are available in musée de peau (Shiseido, etc.) on the 2nd floor.
Do you sell home electronics that are made in Japan?
Made in Japan home electronics are available in LAOX on the 1st floor.
Are children's clothing and items for kids available?
Children's clothes and items for kids are available at the following stores.
1st floor: Dear Kids Park
2nd floor: earth music & ecology premium store
3rd floor: Levi's OUTLET

Misc. goods
2nd floor: LEGO clickbrick
3rd floor: Sylvanian Families/MasterPiece and George's FACTORY OUTLET


Do you have Japanese food restaurants?
We feature the following Japanese food restaurants.
1st floor: Hokuriku-Toyama Kaiten-zushi Premium Kaio *Sep. 26 Open
3rd floor: BOTEJYU, Aburidori Bali-cho, and Buzen Udon "Buzen"
Do you have reasonably priced restaurants?
Meijin no Hitosara in the 3rd floor food court is reasonably priced.
Do you have any ramen restaurants?
There is a ramen restaurant called "MEN-YA-KOOKAI" on the 1st floor. 


Can I withdraw cash in Japanese yen with a China Union Pay card?
Yes. You can withdraw Japanese yen at the Seven Bank ATM near the Fountain Plaza on the 2nd floor.
Can I use a credit card? Can I withdraw cash in Japanese yen with a credit card?
We accept all international brand VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, and DINERS cards.
Also, you can withdraw cash with a credit card at the Seven Bank ATM near the Fountain Plaza on the 2nd floor and the Shinsei Bank ATM.

・ Cards issued outside of Japan that are accepted at Seven Bank
  PLUS, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Discover
However, some cards may not be usable even if they have the same mark.
Some credit card issuing companies may require a processing fee. Check the Seven Bank website for details.
Can I exchange currency to Japanese yen?
Yes, you can. There is a currency exchange machine from foreign currency to Japanese yen in front of LAOX on the 1st floor.
Supported languages include: English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
Accepted foreign currency: USD / EUR / GBP / AUD / KRW / CNY / TWD (7kinds)
※Please note that Japanese yen to foreign currency exchange is not available.
Do you have any tax-free stores?
Tax-free service is available at about 50 stores in VenusFort. This service is limited to customers making purchases of at least ¥10,801 at one shop.
※Show your passport at the cash register (copies not accepted).
※This service is limited to travelers staying under 6 months in Japan.
Are there any clerks who can speak a foreign language (English)?
Yes, there are Attendant Crews who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean. Please feel free to ask them. 
Do you have foreign language (English) floor maps?
Yes, we have floor maps in English, Chinese (traditional), and Korean.
Can I return items?
Return policies are different for each store. Please check at stores when you make purchases.
Can I ask for a lower price?
I'm sorry, but bargaining is not allowed. 


Do you have illumination decorations (events, etc.)?
We are planning to have illumination decorations from autumn to early spring.
What times does the interior sky color change?
The sky changes from sunrise, noon, sunset, to night within one hour.


How do I get to Haneda Airport from the mall?
Check the following link for access to Haneda Airport


Can I bring food and drink inside?
I'm sorry, but please refrain from bringing in outside food and drink.
Can I take photographs?
You are more than welcome to take commemorative photographs. However, taking photos of stores and products is not allowed. Also, we ask that you refrain from taking photos with tripods due to safety reasons.

Venus Features

Global serviceGlobal service

Global service

In addition to always keeping English speaking staff on duty, VenusFort provides an abundance of services to make shopping pleasant for visitors to Japan, like including tax-free stores (40 stores) and accepting China UnionPay Cards at all shops in the mall (except wagon stands).

15 minutes from Haneda Airport

15 minutes from Haneda Airport

A bus going directly to VenusFort leaves from bus stop #14 at Haneda Airport. Going by bus makes traveling a cinch even with luggage in tow. The travel time is a mere 15 minutes by bus, so you can enjoy shopping and gourmet cuisine right away.

Wi2 300 High Speed Internet

Wi2 300 High Speed Internet

In VenusFort, three-hour free Wi2 300 Guest Service starts on August 15th, 2011. You will be able to enjoy it with almost every handheld Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) enabled device including smart phones.

Famous spots and mall facilities

Famous spots and mall facilities

VenusFort has numerous places to enjoy while out shopping like the Church Plaza and the Fountain Plaza. The mall also provides facilities like coin lockers, ATMs, and nursing rooms for worry-free convenience when shopping with babies.

Giant Sky Wheel in palette town

Local information
Giant Sky Wheel in palette town

It’s a landmark in Odaiba, which boasts 100meters in diameter rising 115meters from the ground. You can enjoy the splendid view of 2 towers and 2 bridges: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bride. 16minuites ride in the twilight would be very romantic.