Measures against the New Coronavirus:
Rules for Everyone


Rules to protect everyone


Maintain a safe physical distance


Be sure to wear a mask


Disinfect and wash your hands


Measures taken by our facilities


Enforcement of elevator usage rules


Cleaning and disinfection of facilities, installation of disinfectant at entrances


Temperature measurement of staff before work, physical condition management


Contactless payment, use of trays for coins


Proper ventilation

At VenusFort, our shops and restaurants are carrying out extensive measures to
prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We ask for your cooperation to ensure the ongoing safety and
peace of mind of our customers.

Shops, service businesses, and restaurants

□ Employees wear masks

□ Thorough management of employee physical condition
Employees will conscientiously perform temperature checks, hand washing, and disinfection before going to work.

□ Encourage hand disinfection
We will encourage disinfection by installing disinfectant dispensers at the store entrance and inside the store.

□ Staff maintain a safe physical distance
In situations where customers need to stand in line, floor markers are provided to ensure that customers maintain a safe distance.

□ Business/shop areas are periodically cleared out and ventilated

□ Regular disinfection and cleaning carried out
The fixtures, amenities and other facilities in our shops are periodically disinfected (wiped) and cleaned.

□ Coin trays provided at the cash register
Coin trays are used to prevent direct contact between the customer and the staff of each shop when handling money.

□ Disinfection of cashier terminals
Regular disinfection (wiping) is performed.

□ Disinfection after closing time
Overall cleaning is carried out in each area used by employees and customers after closing time.

□ Events involving public gatherings are cancelled
Events that involve public gathering in each shop have been cancelled,
to avoid “san-mitsu” conditions (closed spaces, crowds and close contact).

Shops and service-oriented businesses

□ Entry restrictions
Entry restrictions are applied when the store is likely to be crowded.

□ Reservations limited
Limits are placed on the number of reservation slots available, to maintain an appropriate number of people within the shop.

□ Disinfection of fitting rooms and private rooms
These rooms are disinfected after each use.

□ Cancellation of Personal Assistants
This will be stopped to prevent infection.

□ In order to prevent spread of COVID-19 we will stop serving drinks in our shop.


□ Adjusting the number of seats
We will adjust (reduce) the number of seats

□ Change seat layout
We will create better seat spacing, install partitions, strengthen ventilation in private rooms, and operate side by side seating, etc.

□ Cancellation of food and beverage tasting events

□ We will stop indivisual food sharing by the customer.


The preventative measures taken may differ depending on the type of business carried out at each shop/restaurant.